See you at APEC 2017

APEC allows power electronics professionals from all sectors to gather annually and participate in a rewarding exchange of technical knowledge, gaining valuable industry connections. 2016 APEC Conference in Long Beach was a unique experience establishing new partnerships. Professor Charles Sullivan from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth hosted a chalk talk at our booth on High Frequency Winding Losses. The turnout was successful with scholars, engineers and industry leaders lined up at our booth for the Chalk Talk. If you missed the event you can download the information presented here Chalk Talk – by Professor Charles Sullivan on High Frequency Winding Losses.

Come join us in March in Tampa Florida for APEC 2017 at booth 1738. We will host another Chalk Talk with our President Weyman Lundquist. Ask your sales representative for more details or to schedule a meeting. I look forward to seeing you at APEC!




-Elizabeth Menchaca, WCM’s Sales Manager


Another step in the right direction

We are proud to announce IPC-610 certification for the shop floor supervisors, quality staff and management of our facility in Tecate, Mexico.

This training was undertaken in order to advance our goal as a manufacturing quality leader in our industry, serving our customers in the medical device, aerospace, and test and measurement industries.


Introducing Mary Clark


My name is Mary Elizabeth Clark, and I am a new research and development engineer at West Coast Magnetics. I began working here in mid-October, and as a new hire I thought I might write an introductory post about myself.

I finished my B.S. in Physics at UCLA in June 2016. When many people think of physics, they think of projectile motion and gravity, but my personal favorite subject in physics is electricity and magnetism. I chose my electives to focus on this subject, with theoretical courses in plasma physics and laboratory courses in electronics and plasma physics. I participated in research at UCLA’s Basic Plasma Science Facility in my junior and senior years; I worked on many projects but mainly I studied low frequency plasma waves called Alfvén waves. I received a scholarship in my senior year to pursue this research by writing an experimental proposal, carrying out the experiment, and presenting the results in a poster and thesis. I presented posters three times as an undergraduate, winning the Dean’s Prize Medal of Excellence for my final poster at UCLA’s Research Poster Day in May 2016.

mary-2-2At West Coast Magnetics, I will apply my physics knowledge and research skills to develop innovative new products. I will use physical models to predict the qualities of a product. I will test it thoroughly, changing the design as necessary to fit your specifications and documenting results to evaluate the effects of different parameters. I will find the limitations of the physical model when implemented in real life. Through modeling and experimentation I hope to make our designs more predictable and less based on a trial-and-error.

If you wish to contact me directly, my email is, and my phone numbers are 800-628-1123 (office), or 209-662-8642 (cell). I am excited to work for West Coast Magnetics!

-Mary Clark, WCM’s Research & Development Engineer

Bonded Coils

At West Coast Magnetics we are industry leaders and we constantly seek ways to make the impossible seem possible. WCM has extensive experience in manufacturing bonded coils. We have pushed the limits and experimented with bondable wires up to 43 gauge. From cylindrical shaped inductors at 6″-12″ in diameter to even the most minute designs at 4mm diameters, they can be done. Our team will make it happen


-Sergio Zurita, WCM’s Manufacturing Engineer




WCM’s 3D Capability

While committing ourselves to providing customers the best electrical solutions, WCM also possesses the skills and resources to customize mechanical fixtures and mounts for your special needs. Integrating our 3D CAD skills and rapid prototyping technology, our team is capable of designing mechanical parts via 3D CAD based on your dimensional requirements. 3D printed mounts assembled with electronic parts can be made with a short turn-around time during your prototyping stage. 3D step files of the product can also be provided upon request for customer’s 3D assembly usage.


-Jackson, WCM’s Design Engineer

Noise Cut Transformer

Many of our customers build process equipment that is sensitive to noise. A clean source of power is very important to insure that this process equipment operates within specification. To address this need we have developed a noise cut filter that will eliminate unwanted, spurious sources of noise over a very broad frequency range. noise-cut-filter

Our first product is designed to handle up to 2.5 kW of 208 V power. With many systems in place in the field, we can assure you that this noise cut filter surpasses customer
expectations. West Coast Magnetics’ noise cut transformer is designed to supply ultra clean 60 Hz power for your most demanding noise cut applications. This highly reliable product has been designed to meet the most stringent noise elimination requirements. The unit features a built in EMO (Emergency Machine Off) control circuit for machine safety interlocks. This proprietary circuit also features on/off state memory for power drop out immunity up to one second. The transformer is rack mounted with user specified input and output cable lengths. We can modify this product to meet power requirements up to 5 KVA, to meet other input/output voltages and to operate at 50 Hz.

Contact our sales team for more information.