Current Research Leads To New Discoveries

West Coast Magnetics’ partnership with the School of Engineering at Dartmouth has held its focus on the reduction of winding losses. As expected, core losses as well as winding losses manifest themselves in the form of heat. This heat is transferred to the environment that surrounds the part or assembly, and creates unwanted temperature rises. Of course, there is an existing option where forced air or temperature transfer may help to reduce these temperature rises, however this will certainly not improve efficiency. Research has been done to analyze the effect of different conductors in our designs, and the shaped foil technology for high power SMPS transformers and inductors is a great representation of WCM’s input in the field. This technology uses new foil shaping techniques which result in windings having the low DC resistance characteristics of a foil winding and the low AC resistance of a litz wire winding. Shaped foil designs in both inductor and transformers have been shown to result in a significant and variable reduction in winding losses. Now we continue our research that will focus on the effect that winding placement may have on the total losses of a designed part. WCM looks forward to achieving major breakthroughs in the field of magnetics!


-Sergio Zurita, WCM’s Production Engineer 


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