Introducing David Harizal

My name is David Harizal. I am the new mechanical design engineer for our research and development team here at West Coast Magnetics, and I wanted to introduce myself.

I graduated from UC Davis in June 2016 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and just began working here this December. During my time as a student, I studied the various branches of the mechanical world; some of which included structures, circuits, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. I also had the chance to study abroad in Rome to learn about Ancient Roman engineering and construction techniques. My abroad experience gave me a huge perspective on how different cultures have developed various styles of design, and allowed me to study how these styles have improved over long periods of time. On top of my interest in engineering, I have over eight years of experience creating 3D ceramic adavidrt projects. My passion for 3D art helps spark my creative thought process when it comes to developing a design for an engineering application. This was helpful for my senior mechanical design project, which focused on solving an unexplained problem in the biodiesel fuel community. I designed a heat transfer system that recycles heat energy from exhaust to maintain constant temperature of a biodiesel fuel tank. The most valuable lesson that I learned from this project is that design takes a substantial amount of time and research in order to gain a useful understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.

At West Coast Magnetics, I commit myself to producing designs that will not only meet the needs, but also outweigh the expectations of our customers. I will use the technical knowledge I gained from school to continuously seek a deeper understanding of magnetic technology through research and experimentation. Finally, I will take part in the development of new products that will allow us to stand out as pioneers in the magnetics industry.

-David Harizal, WCM’s Design Engineer


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