Advancing the RF Filter Techonology

Here at West Coast Magnetics, we are improving our RF filter designs, making them more compact and simultaneously able to handle more power. We have built and tested new RF filters which have numerous advantages over traditional RF filters. The new design acts as a parallel LC circuit in one device, eliminating the need for two separate components: an inductor and capacitor. It is simple to place multiple channels in one device, and the channels have nearly identical impedance values and peak frequencies. The devices allow high current with less temperature rise compared to other RF filters, due to their low DC resistance. The filters are easily tunable, and with air cores they have reached peak frequencies between 5 MHz and 27 MHz. With ferrite cores, we can achieve even lower peak frequencies. Overall, these filters present a significant improvement over parallel LC circuit RF filters, and will soon be available from West Coast Magnetics.


-Mary Clark, WCM’s Research & Development Engineer


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