Reflection of 2016

Letter from the President:

Coming into the new year, our prospects are brighter than ever.  The marriage of our employees and our customers has strengthened the success of our company.  We have always pursued a goal of hiring the best possible people for any job and training them carefully.  And we have always placed our customer’s needs first. Each and every employee understands that our priority is to deliver industry leading service, on-time delivery and quality to every one of our customers.

Since our founding in 1974 our business has evolved from being a build to spec coil winding house, to a company that is a technology leader, and provides products and services with value added engineering content.    This is the future of our company.   We maintain an active research and development effort.  We will continue to support and grow the build to spec business, but this will be married to our businesses of engineered product development and value added services.  We see them as complementary.

As a family owned, private company, we have the luxury of focusing on our long term goals.  This long term focus is essential to our position of industry leadership.  We have the patience to work on the development of technology for the next generation of magnetic components, we are able to stock KanBan for our customers, we pursue our vision of quality manufacturing and technology leadership, not a quarterly profit goal.

In the last few years our business has grown rapidly, and next year we will be making some enhancements to accommodate the growth needs of our customers.  A few of the changes we are implementing now include: 1.) expansion of our Stockton, California facility and retrofit of our Mexico facility, 2.)  company wide implementation of ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2016,  3.) additions to our engineering staff,  4.) expanded production and test capabilities.

We would not be where we are today without the contribution of our employees.  They are the foundation of our success.  Their actions, however small, are what make our company great.  It is of the greatest importance, and important to me personally, that they be treated with respect and dignity, and are welcome every day in a safe and clean work environment.

-Weyman Lundquist, Head of Engineering at West Coast Magnetics


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