Current Research Leads To New Discoveries

West Coast Magnetics’ partnership with the School of Engineering at Dartmouth has held its focus on the reduction of winding losses. As expected, core losses as well as winding losses manifest themselves in the form of heat. This heat is transferred to the environment that surrounds the part or assembly, and creates unwanted temperature rises. Of course, there is an existing option where forced air or temperature transfer may help to reduce these temperature rises, however this will certainly not improve efficiency. Research has been done to analyze the effect of different conductors in our designs, and the shaped foil technology for high power SMPS transformers and inductors is a great representation of WCM’s input in the field. This technology uses new foil shaping techniques which result in windings having the low DC resistance characteristics of a foil winding and the low AC resistance of a litz wire winding. Shaped foil designs in both inductor and transformers have been shown to result in a significant and variable reduction in winding losses. Now we continue our research that will focus on the effect that winding placement may have on the total losses of a designed part. WCM looks forward to achieving major breakthroughs in the field of magnetics!


-Sergio Zurita, WCM’s Production Engineer 

Introducing the WCM6311

We are excited to announce the release of our newest standard product and our first 4 channel RF filter! Our new product, WCM6311, is an example of our innovative filter design that combines an inductor and capacitor into one device. It functions as a circuit with an inductor and capacitor in parallel. Unlike the parallel LC circuit, it does not suffer from parasitic effects complicating the frequency response. These effects are instead controlled and used to create a resonant frequency and impedance maximum at approximately 13.56 MHz. The filter has high impedance from 12.5 MHz to 14.5 MHz so can filter effectively not only at the peak frequency, but in a range surrounding it. It can withstand a 2.5 kV AC and 3.5 kV DC hipot test between channels; the channels are well isolated from each other despite the small size of the part. This part would be an excellent choice for your high power filtering needs! Please contact us with questions you may have regarding specifications and usage. We look forward to bringing this technology to you!fullsizerender-11

-Mary Clark, WCM’s Research & Development Engineer

2017 will be Bigger & Better

West Coast Magnetics is expanding its lab space and engineering roster this year, and with it we expand our research and development capabilities. Our vision is not only to produce inductors, transformers, and filters with traditional designs, but to create new technology. We participate in continuing education such as the Applied Power Electronics Conference to ensure we use the most current information in our designs, and to give insight into possible new designs. We also attend smaller local seminars to ensure our learning continues year-round, and is not merely condensed into one week! We also partner with academic institutions, assisting in their research by providing building and testing capabilities that might not be available to them at home. These partnerships allow us to work with young innovative people with fresh ideas. Through these means we stay on the cutting-edge of magnetics design. Our commitment to research and development is strong and we look forward to creating modern products for use in the newest technology.

-Mary Clark, WCM’s Research & Development Engineer

Introducing David Harizal

My name is David Harizal. I am the new mechanical design engineer for our research and development team here at West Coast Magnetics, and I wanted to introduce myself.

I graduated from UC Davis in June 2016 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and just began working here this December. During my time as a student, I studied the various branches of the mechanical world; some of which included structures, circuits, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. I also had the chance to study abroad in Rome to learn about Ancient Roman engineering and construction techniques. My abroad experience gave me a huge perspective on how different cultures have developed various styles of design, and allowed me to study how these styles have improved over long periods of time. On top of my interest in engineering, I have over eight years of experience creating 3D ceramic adavidrt projects. My passion for 3D art helps spark my creative thought process when it comes to developing a design for an engineering application. This was helpful for my senior mechanical design project, which focused on solving an unexplained problem in the biodiesel fuel community. I designed a heat transfer system that recycles heat energy from exhaust to maintain constant temperature of a biodiesel fuel tank. The most valuable lesson that I learned from this project is that design takes a substantial amount of time and research in order to gain a useful understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.

At West Coast Magnetics, I commit myself to producing designs that will not only meet the needs, but also outweigh the expectations of our customers. I will use the technical knowledge I gained from school to continuously seek a deeper understanding of magnetic technology through research and experimentation. Finally, I will take part in the development of new products that will allow us to stand out as pioneers in the magnetics industry.

-David Harizal, WCM’s Design Engineer

A Closeup of Our Production Engineer

In such a competitive industry like the one West Coast Magnetics forms part of, efficiency at the production level is key to delivering quality products in a timely manner. At West Coast Magnetics our customers are priority and their
satisfaction is crucial. As WCM’s Production Engineer it is my job to ensure that jobs are made with efficiency.


Providing our production team with test fixtures, winding mandrels and final inspection instrumentation is an important part of my job. Along with our staff, we constantly seek methods of delivering satisfaction to every single one of our valued customers.



-Sergio Zurita, WCM’s Production Engineer

Advancing the RF Filter Techonology

Here at West Coast Magnetics, we are improving our RF filter designs, making them more compact and simultaneously able to handle more power. We have built and tested new RF filters which have numerous advantages over traditional RF filters. The new design acts as a parallel LC circuit in one device, eliminating the need for two separate components: an inductor and capacitor. It is simple to place multiple channels in one device, and the channels have nearly identical impedance values and peak frequencies. The devices allow high current with less temperature rise compared to other RF filters, due to their low DC resistance. The filters are easily tunable, and with air cores they have reached peak frequencies between 5 MHz and 27 MHz. With ferrite cores, we can achieve even lower peak frequencies. Overall, these filters present a significant improvement over parallel LC circuit RF filters, and will soon be available from West Coast Magnetics.


-Mary Clark, WCM’s Research & Development Engineer

Reflection of 2016

Letter from the President:

Coming into the new year, our prospects are brighter than ever.  The marriage of our employees and our customers has strengthened the success of our company.  We have always pursued a goal of hiring the best possible people for any job and training them carefully.  And we have always placed our customer’s needs first. Each and every employee understands that our priority is to deliver industry leading service, on-time delivery and quality to every one of our customers.

Since our founding in 1974 our business has evolved from being a build to spec coil winding house, to a company that is a technology leader, and provides products and services with value added engineering content.    This is the future of our company.   We maintain an active research and development effort.  We will continue to support and grow the build to spec business, but this will be married to our businesses of engineered product development and value added services.  We see them as complementary.

As a family owned, private company, we have the luxury of focusing on our long term goals.  This long term focus is essential to our position of industry leadership.  We have the patience to work on the development of technology for the next generation of magnetic components, we are able to stock KanBan for our customers, we pursue our vision of quality manufacturing and technology leadership, not a quarterly profit goal.

In the last few years our business has grown rapidly, and next year we will be making some enhancements to accommodate the growth needs of our customers.  A few of the changes we are implementing now include: 1.) expansion of our Stockton, California facility and retrofit of our Mexico facility, 2.)  company wide implementation of ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2016,  3.) additions to our engineering staff,  4.) expanded production and test capabilities.

We would not be where we are today without the contribution of our employees.  They are the foundation of our success.  Their actions, however small, are what make our company great.  It is of the greatest importance, and important to me personally, that they be treated with respect and dignity, and are welcome every day in a safe and clean work environment.

-Weyman Lundquist, Head of Engineering at West Coast Magnetics

See you at APEC 2017

APEC allows power electronics professionals from all sectors to gather annually and participate in a rewarding exchange of technical knowledge, gaining valuable industry connections. 2016 APEC Conference in Long Beach was a unique experience establishing new partnerships. Professor Charles Sullivan from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth hosted a chalk talk at our booth on High Frequency Winding Losses. The turnout was successful with scholars, engineers and industry leaders lined up at our booth for the Chalk Talk. If you missed the event you can download the information presented here Chalk Talk – by Professor Charles Sullivan on High Frequency Winding Losses.

Come join us in March in Tampa Florida for APEC 2017 at booth 1738. We will host another Chalk Talk with our President Weyman Lundquist. Ask your sales representative for more details or to schedule a meeting. I look forward to seeing you at APEC!




-Elizabeth Menchaca, WCM’s Sales Manager

Another step in the right direction

We are proud to announce IPC-610 certification for the shop floor supervisors, quality staff and management of our facility in Tecate, Mexico.

This training was undertaken in order to advance our goal as a manufacturing quality leader in our industry, serving our customers in the medical device, aerospace, and test and measurement industries.


Introducing Mary Clark


My name is Mary Elizabeth Clark, and I am a new research and development engineer at West Coast Magnetics. I began working here in mid-October, and as a new hire I thought I might write an introductory post about myself.

I finished my B.S. in Physics at UCLA in June 2016. When many people think of physics, they think of projectile motion and gravity, but my personal favorite subject in physics is electricity and magnetism. I chose my electives to focus on this subject, with theoretical courses in plasma physics and laboratory courses in electronics and plasma physics. I participated in research at UCLA’s Basic Plasma Science Facility in my junior and senior years; I worked on many projects but mainly I studied low frequency plasma waves called Alfvén waves. I received a scholarship in my senior year to pursue this research by writing an experimental proposal, carrying out the experiment, and presenting the results in a poster and thesis. I presented posters three times as an undergraduate, winning the Dean’s Prize Medal of Excellence for my final poster at UCLA’s Research Poster Day in May 2016.

mary-2-2At West Coast Magnetics, I will apply my physics knowledge and research skills to develop innovative new products. I will use physical models to predict the qualities of a product. I will test it thoroughly, changing the design as necessary to fit your specifications and documenting results to evaluate the effects of different parameters. I will find the limitations of the physical model when implemented in real life. Through modeling and experimentation I hope to make our designs more predictable and less based on a trial-and-error.

If you wish to contact me directly, my email is, and my phone numbers are 800-628-1123 (office), or 209-662-8642 (cell). I am excited to work for West Coast Magnetics!

-Mary Clark, WCM’s Research & Development Engineer